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Splunk + Performance = AppEnsure

Introducing the Splunk App for AppEnsure-- available for immediate download. The Splunk App for AppEnsure makes application performance troubleshooting easier, by allowing you to correlate logs and AppEnsure unique metrics like response time, throughput and error rate for every application in your environment. AppEnsure works for purchased applications, custom developed applications, compound applications and automatically adapts as your applications migrate from physical, to virtual, to hybrid cloud and public cloud deployment environments.

  • Quickly understand and fix poor application performance for any and every application to optimize end-user experience
  • Eliminate costly IT resources spent in war room meetings or on bridge calls guessing at the root cause of an incident
  • Protect revenue, reputation and business productivity by preventing long outages

AppEnsure automatically

  • Discovers all applications by name
  • Maps the topology of every application
  • Measures end-to-end response time and throughput for every application
  • Presents diagnostics when response time and throughput degrade
  • Puts all of this data automatically into Splunk. You can use the Splunk user interfaces (search and pivot) to query and dashboard this data

Screen Shots: Splunk App for AppEnsure

Service Level

The Service Level page displays details like application name, response time, throughput, availability, all calls, slow calls and error calls for all applications as well as for each application. This page has two sectionsfor all applications: one graphical view and one tabular view as shown in following screen shot.

For a particular application this page has three sections. The first section is related to details about performance data (average response time, total calls, total users and total alerts) of a particular application. The second section is a tabular view of performance data of the selected application. Lastly, the third section is a graphical representation of performance for the selected application.


When users click on the Topology button from Service Level application view, it will redirect to the topology page of the AppEnsure GUI console. The topology display requires that the AppEnsure Master is running.


The Alarms page describes the alarms that have occurred for each application. Alarms fall under two categories: Service Failure alarms that indicate that the service that the application is dependent upon has failed and Response Time Violations indicating that the application response for a particular request from a particular user has deviated more than 10% of the average response time (either self-learned or user configured).


The Users page lists application user details like the user's name and IP, the count of calls, and status of calls made by the user.

Download the Splunk App for AppEnsure

Start perfecting the performance of your applications today and download Splunk App for AppEnsure. For any questions or feature request, please contact