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Next Generation Infrastructure #OnDemand14

Our CEO, Colin, was invited to speak on a panel by AlwaysOn at their annual summit, OnDemand 2014. The sessions title, Next Generation Infrastructure, is a broad subject but one that Colin has specific views and opinions. He is joined by other CEOs and the audience questions are interesting for such a broad subject. A [...] Read more

A Logo for the Users

The constant question I ask myself throughout my work day is: Does this make sense for AppEnsure? Now that can simply be translated into: Does that make sense for AppEnsure users? because one of our company’s main philosophies is if it makes sense for our users, it makes sense for our business. So, when the [...] Read more

It’s Good To Be a Winner

At AppEnsure, we love winning awards! (Really though, who doesn’t?) This time we are in great company and it further validates the unique application performance solution we bring to IT Operations. AlwaysOn, the well-known Silicon Valley media company, has recognized AppEnsure as one of the 2014 OnDemand Top 100 winners.  Inclusion in the OnDemand 100 [...] Read more

New Category Fulfills Wish List

Gartner analyst Jonah Kowall recently published a new report titled “How to Leverage Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring to Simplify Root Cause Analysis” that discusses the emerging category of tools developed for IT Operations. The new category, Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AA-IPM), focuses on the specific needs IT Operations have to effectively support every application in [...] Read more

Datasheet: Managing XenApp & XenDesktop Performance

Here is a new AppEnsure document that discusses the new challenges IT operations face when managing the performance of XenApp and XenDesktop and the AppEnsure solution. Read the full document here: Managing the Performance of XenApp and XenDesktop Applications Read more

Monitoring VDI Requires Specific App Knowledge

As the dynamic world of managing and monitoring application performance continues to challenge IT operations, this latest blog post by Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice describes the challenges from a VDI perspective, or rather, the end user’s perspective. His blog starts off by describing how a VDI implementation must improve the end user experience [...] Read more

DABCC Radio: Doug Brown Interviews AppEnsure

In the 204th episode of the popular Virtualization and Cloud Computing podcast, Douglas Brown of DABCC Radio interviews Colin L.M. Macnab, our co-founder & CEO at AppEnsure. Colin and Doug discuss why Colin built and founded the company, their application visibility and monitoring solution, how it works, what it takes to get running and managed, [...] Read more

AppEnsure Debuts as Value Leader

On the heals of our AppEnsure Free product announcement yesterday, we are happy to keep the good news rolling in the New Year. AppEnsure has been positioned as Value Leader in the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping 2013 Radar Report. The report authored by Dennis Drogseth, EMA Vice President and Analyst, [...] Read more

New Product for the New Year

It’s a brand new year and AppEnsure has a lot to announce in 2014. We are starting off the New Year by delivering a brand new product – AppEnsure Free – the first free product that measures and improves the performance of every application in production. We developed AppEnsure Free to help IT Operations. Time [...] Read more

Webinar Recording: Application Response Time…

A new webinar titled “Application Response Time for Virtual and Cloud Operations” is available on demand. Listen to analyst Bernd Harzog from APM Experts and AppEnsure as they explore the unique challenges in ensuring application performance. The topics explored include: key trends in application performance in today’s dynamic, virtualized world; why all the fingers point to [...] Read more