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About AppEnsure

AppEnsure was founded based on the observations and experiences from the founders’ Consulting Company, solving application performance challenges in virtualized applications and infrastructure.

The consulting developments undertaken clearly showed that the already challenged performance management world, was completely under-developed for dynamic virtualized environments. Moving to, or adding cloud environments, makes this problem an order of magnitude harder again.

From this experience it became clear that there is an urgent untapped need for a standard product to ensure applications performance, a solution capable of being managed by junior Operations staff, not based on long term professional services and custom developments. AppEnsure is that standard product for AppOps, porting over 250 person years of code and 100 person years of consulting experience to deliver a self-learning, rule based engine, pre-populated with many thousands of rules and instances.

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4555 Great America Parkway, 3rd Floor
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Contact Sales: +1-408-330-2314



Colin L.M. Macnab

Colin is CEO and Co-Founder of AppEnsure. Colin has started and built multiple successful companies around the world with more than 25 years of experience. Previously, Colin was the President of AppliedMicro, where he was the CEO of TPACK, a 100G carrier class OTN transport SW solutions company, acquired by AppliedMicro (NASDAQ:AMCC) in 2010,. Colin also served as VP Marketing and Business Development at Atheros, part of the IPO team that took the company public in 2004 (NASDAQ:ATHR). Previously Colin was founding CEO of MorphICs, a 3G base station company, sold to Infineon (NYSE:IFX) in 2003. Colin’s career started at Analog Devices in London and Boston, followed by GEC Plessey in CA, where he led the team that developed the first 802.11 Wi-Fi commercial products. Colin holds a BS in Electronic Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, with a Minor in Business Administration.

Sri Chaganty

Sri is CTO and Co-Founder of AppEnsure.  Sri has worked in the area of Data Communications and Internet Technologies for the past twenty five years and introduced more than a dozen products into the US, Japanese and European markets. Previously, Sri was CEO and Founder of Ceeyes in 1996 delivering global consulting and IT services and solutions. Ceeyes licensed IP software cores in markets such as wireless, networking and application integration. During the last 5 years of the consulting company, they specialized in resolving mission critical application performance problems in virtualized computing. Sri was co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of HolonTech Corporation, San Jose. HolonTech introduced Web Switching and other Internet Infrastructure products to worldwide markets. Prior to founding HolonTech, Sri was Director of Software at Data Communications Systems Division of NEC America, Inc. Sri’s corporate experience includes GTE and Boroughs. Sri holds five patents in the area of high availability and clustering. Sri serves as an IT advisor for State Governments in India. Sri holds a MS in Computer Engineering from Drexel University.

John Ward

John is Director of Sales of AppEnsure. John has 21 years of technology sales management experience with a major emphasis on systems and application availability and performance management, respectively. Prior to AppEnsure, John was with Ipswitch where he was brought on to lead sales for the WhatsUp Gold monitoring software. During his tenure, revenue grew more than tenfold. Before that, he held sales leadership positions with Oracle, Nimsoft, IBM and Cabletron.


Steve Rodgers

Steve is Marketing Director of AppEnsure. Steve has 20 years of experience in marketing start-up, B2B technology companies developing memorable marketing programs through grassroots efforts. Prior to AppEnsure, Steve was with Xangati and developed and promoted their brand and marketing programs to be one of the leading infrastructure performance companies in the virtualization space. Before that, he has held various marketing positions with Vernier Networks, Innuity, IT-radar, Activant and Computer Network Technology (acquired by McData).

The Team

Our outstanding team of engineers is the force behind AppEnsure’s solutions. One of the critical benefits of AppEnsure is the 250 man-years of code development much of which is currently running in production in high-reliability telecoms applications. This is the core of AppEnsure’s solutions and it is all thanks to an world class engineering team.



Owen Brown, Chairman of the Board

Owen Brown has managed a variety of high technology companies over the course of his forty year business career. Following his initial role as manager of several business segments of Digital Equipment Corporation, Mr. Brown was selected as the original President and COO of Sun Microsystems. After Sun, he held senior executive positions with Xerox Corporation, Parallel Computers, Inc., Synthesis Software Solutions, Ltd., and other companies. Mr. Brown founded and was the President and CEO of Migration Software, a software engineering services company for Fortune 500 clients requiring expert skills to develop and implement new technologies. In addition to his extensive background of managing high technology companies, Mr. Brown has also participated in the venture capital industry of Silicon Valley. He was among the first twenty members of The Band of Angels and has participated in placement of millions of dollars of seed financing to more than one hundred technology start-up companies, including organizing the seed round funding for Network Appliance Corporation. Mr. Brown serves on Board of several companies in the Silicon Valley.

Tom Sa, Director

Tom Sa is Executive CFO and Chief Strategy Officer at Bridge Capital Holdings. Before joining Bridge Bank, Mr. Sa served as the Chief Financial Officer of Central Coast Bancorp in Salinas and at South Valley Bancorporation in Gilroy. Prior to this he held senior financial positions with companies in the software and leasing industries. Mr. Sa began his career with Deloitte and Touche in San Jose in 1984. Mr. Sa is a graduate of Humboldt State University and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Colin L.M. Macnab, CEO & Founder

Sri Chaganty, CTO & Founder


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